10 February 2011

Let's Get Introduced

Hey, nice to meet you.
my name is jacqui.
i love to tell stories and create inspirational quotes
so heres one for you to mule over

               'the season you hate the most is the one you'll most be like'

if you give energy to hating something that energy has an outcome to show you that you are like it.
see you later.


  1. OMG this is so true.
    my brother hates summer cos its so damn hot
    and then the other day some cute girl walks past and goes to her friend 'hes so damn fine' and whatever and then she comes over and goes 'scuse me are you a little hot'.
    ha ha ha ha
    question what happens if you love a season?

  2. Yeah, what does happen if you love a season ? Do you become less like that season or something ?