15 February 2011

not so random

this is not random its normal this is from nataliedee.com
i thought this was random so i blogged it
do you think it is weird or random
ps i like this size of writing what do you think

10 February 2011

Let's Get Introduced

Hey, nice to meet you.
my name is jacqui.
i love to tell stories and create inspirational quotes
so heres one for you to mule over

               'the season you hate the most is the one you'll most be like'

if you give energy to hating something that energy has an outcome to show you that you are like it.
see you later.

Fashion trend: Ugly sweaters

If you're lucky enough to be living in the Southern hemisphere the weather is getting cooler.
Embrace your inner nerd this season with the delightfully ugly sweater. Approachable and adored by the likes
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